2019-2020 Mt. View Yearbook

Michelle Maestas

  2019-2020 Mt. View Elementary Yearbook
Don't miss out on the memories.  Order your yearbook today!  Reserve your copy by April 30, 2020 for only $15.00 each.  A special thank you to Robin Schiaffino who has taken the time to put the yearbook together.  Thank you for your time and dedication.  
The yearbook is planned to include clear, crisp color pages, sturdy soft cover, the school name and year imprinted on the cover.  This is a year that we will want to remember. 

Please fill out the form by clicking here to place your order and an invoice will be sent to the email provided.  Any further questions please email the PTA at mtviewptalacey@gmail.com 
*To ensure that your yearbooks are delivered to your child correctly, please place an order for each child.  If multiple yearbooks are ordered under one student name, they will be delivered to that student.