New Tik Tok Challenge

Michelle Maestas

First it was tide pods and now this crazy stunt.  Teenagers are being challenged to place Ziploc bags filled with hand sanitizer, bleach, and shaving cream and place on their eye for at least one minute and they claim it will change their eye color.  We must emphasize that everything you see or hear on social media may not be true.  Experts say this can cause serious eye damage.  

The Tik Top app is a Beijing based company's social media outlet for young adults to create short video clips and has become the most popular app used around the world. These challenges are being targeted to the largest audience which are primarily teenagers.  

The trend was started back in April 2019 by Greg Lammers, who seems to have sparked the viral phenomenon claiming that this will change the color of your eyes.

"Lammers said he did not expect the video to get so much attention, or that others would actually try the challenge themselves. "When I saw that other people on TikTok were creating similar versions of my own video I began to get worried," Lammers said. "Some of the products I used could potentially cause harmful side effects to the skin or eye." (Newsweek)

"After seeing the challenge take off, Lammers posted another TikTok video showing his eye red, swollen and puffy to "show everyone the potential risks," he said. That did little to deter those TikTok users who wanted to try out the challenge for themselves." (Newsweek)

According to, "Bleach can cause permanent damage to the nerves and tissue in your eyes. If you get bleach in your eye, seek medical professionals for help. It may take 24 hours after the initial contact to be able to tell if there is damage to your eye."  

Parents should always stay connected with their teens and the apps that they use for their safety.  TikTok is extremely popular and will be a major influence on our kid's lives for a long time. 

We have reached out to TikTok for comment but have yet to get a response.