Things to do on Black Friday besides shopping

Michelle Maestas

The thought of having to get up at the crack of dawn and fight my way into a store to get a good deal on one item isn't so appealing to me anymore. Instead why not spend some quality time with the family that isn't going to stress everyone out. 

1.  Get Some Fresh Air

  • Go to a local park
  • Take on a new hiking trail
  • Rake up leaves and then have some fun jumping in them
  • Go skiing 

2.  Decorate

  • Get in the garage and start taking out the Christmas decorations.  Turn on your favorite tunes and start decorating with the family.  When you are all done inside head outside and start on the house!   

3.  "Unplug"

  • Play board games
  • Read a new book by the fireplace
  • Be crafty and make your own tree using felt and other materials
  • Paint (make turkey hand prints)
  • Make your own ornaments 
  • Have the kids write a letter to someone in the family who they are grateful for.  

4.  Indoor Fun

  • Visit a museum- with everyone out shopping good chance the museums will be less crowded
  • Take the family roller skating
  • Bowling is always a good time
  • Head to your local library for some new books

Whatever you decide to do just remember one thing, have fun!!